Playing outside the box.

Play it forward.

Our Mission
Outskirts Theatre Co.’s mission is to create experimental and thought-provoking theatre that strives to both educate and entertain the community as well as serve as a call to action against social and moral injustices.

Our Story

It is incredible to me to think about the fact that Outskirts Theatre Co. is finishing out its first season. What began as a simple idea as part of a class assignment has turned into something more amazing and rewarding than I could have ever imagined. In the spring of 2014 I took an 'Introduction to Fine Arts Administration' class. We were asked to develop a fictional arts organization and use it as the basis of many of our assignments. My passion for theatre and for making a difference in my community drove me to come up with Outskirts Theatre Co., a company that would strive to break boundaries, live on the edge, and open eyes. This first year has been such a success for us, and we could not have done it without the support of our many generous donors. As we prepare another exciting season of topical theatre, I ask that you consider helping us once again take this journey. (Ryan Albrechtson, Producing Artistic Director)


What does a season cost?

Royalties for Rabbit Hole$320
Renting the Underground Collaborative for Wonderland: $780
Printing Banners for the Season: $120
The Queen of Hearts' Wig: $100
An Accompanist for The Last Five Years: $2000
And much, much more...


2016-2017 Season


Andrew and Melissa have a love story that spans over fifty years. Through ambitions, dreams, disappointments, victories, and defeats, they’ve managed to keep in touch all that time through love letters. Is this enough to keep an old flame alive?


Man enters Amish schoolhouse and opens fire.” This chilling retelling of the 2006 West Nickel Mines school shooting shows us how a community can come together through tragedy to not only rebuild, but to also forgive.

BARE: A Pop Opera

Peter and Jason have found an unlikely romance at St Cecelia’s Catholic Boarding School. Is their burning desire for each other strong enough to drown out the hate from their friends, their families, and even themselves?


A huge thank you to all of our current donors!


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