Playing outside the box.

Play it forward.

Our Mission

Outskirts Theatre Co.’s mission is to create experimental and thought-provoking theatre that strives to both educate and entertain the community as well as serve as a call to action against social and moral injustices.

The History of OTC

In the summer of 2012, our Managing Artistic Director Ryan Albrechtson teamed up with a classmate to stage an all student produced production of Alice in Wonderland. The two of them worked independently in a partnership with Carroll Academy, a summer program at Carroll University, where Ryan would begin his higher education that fall. This partnership continued into the next summer, where they had again teamed up to produce a successful production of The Wizard of Oz. After this summer, the director of Carroll Academy moved on, and the partnership was dissolved. This inspired Ryan to continue his passion for theatre on his own, eventually leading to the creation of Outskirts Theatre Co. Since 2014, OTC has been striving to create edgy and educational theatre for the Waukesha/Milwaukee community.